The core features

With our Social Media Desk Application, content creators and marketing influencers can engage quicker, smarter, and more effectively with their audience.


Your full stack tool for brand engagement

Solo content creators and influencers, startups, and established corporations can avail our customized packages according to their needs.


Standard - $X/month

For solo content creators and influencers who want to get started with their business, collaborate with clients, and generate awareness for their name.


Premium - $X/month

Startups and mid-sized businesses who wish to proceed with their emerging brands and produce quantitative results for their clients in real time.


Enterprise - $X/month

Ideal for large teams and content development hubs who wish to manage their social media campaigns at scale through advanced tools and custom workflows.


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Social Media Desk Application


Social Media Desk


A tool exclusively for content creators and digital influencers who aim to craft customizable posts for each platform, and collaborate with their clients for better reach, engagement, and ROI.